Interview Debrief

Gathering everyone’s opinion after the interview can be frustrating, to say the least. Hiringcue’s Interview Debrief allows you to quickly gather all participants’ opinions on the applicant using our unbiased and independent format.

Stop chasing opinions

Traditional reference checks involve numerous phone calls, leaving messages for referees, and hoping they call you back.

Our method is much simpler. All you need is 60 seconds to complete your reference check.


Receive truly unbiased opinions of the applicant’s interview.


Save time. Get your debriefs back in hours instead of days.


Do not let good candidates get away while waiting on interviewers.


Stop hunting interviewers down to get feedback.

How it works

The process is easy. The interview organizer simply sends invite emails to the interviewers through their Hiringcue account. Interviewers receive the email with a link that directs them to the debrief. Once all interviewers complete the debrief, a notification is sent and the report is deposited into your Hiringcue account, ready to be viewed.

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