Professional Drivers

SUREStaff supplies quality drivers for the growing demand in the market place. Dry van, flatbed, or refrigerated trailers . . . we have experienced professionals seeking promising careers in the following areas:

+ Local route delivery drivers
+ Class A multiple stop with touch freight
+ Class B
+ Full endorsements including Hazmat

The Department of Transportation holds our motor carrier customers liable for the drivers. We ensure that we successfully fulfill our role as a representative to manage regulatory compliance. At SUREStaff we carefully protect our customers’ interests and help them meet their requirements by adhering to the following:

Driver Qualification – With respect to each driver hired, we complete each of the driver qualification steps required by Part 391 of the FMCSRs. This includes:

+ Complete Application for employment with minimum qualifications to drive.

+ Obtaining Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).

+ Obtaining a copy of the driver’s CDL and current valid medical examiner’s certificate.

+ Obtaining names and addresses of their previous employers for the past ten years.

+ Clean criminal background checks for at least seven years.

+ Careful attention to Hours of Service safety regulations.

+ Drug and Alcohol testing in accordance with Title 49 Parts 40 and 382.

+ Conducting annual review of his/her driving record.

File Maintenance - SUREStaff Personnel adheres to the requirements of the Department of Transportation to maintain a qualification file including mandated documents for each of your drivers. We track and manage DQ files to ensure that no driver is allowed to drive without proper current documents on file.

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